Boost your daughter’s math confidence with Kumon

Kumon is wonderful for improving calculation speed and building confidence.


With my eldest, After I had gone through about 15 Kumon Publishing books at home, I started at a center at age 4.  Getting on the Kumon honor roll and being publicly acknowledged was a wonderful confidence boost.  I found most Kumon centers to be gender-balanced for the younger grades.

Kumon is primarily a parent-led program.

Step 1: You get daily worksheets to do at home.  Your daughter completes the work in under 15-20 minutes.  Parents then record how long it took to complete and grade the work with an answer key.

Step 2: Twice a week you go into the center for about 15-20 minutes to complete those day’s worksheets in a supervised group setting.

There is no teaching going on.  You teach new concepts to your own child at home.  The center director adjusts the work to make it easier if the student starts to struggle.  Work progresses at a comfortable pace to avoid frustration.

For children under 4, Kumon also has a program called Kumon Jr.  I think success with Kumon Jr. depends on personality and maturity level.


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