Teach Your Daughter Math Early

Math education starts when your daughter is a baby.   Give your daughter the gift of being “good with numbers” from a very young age.

I recommend the book Kitchen Table Math for step-by-step math activities that you can do with your daughter daily.  The book is for parents of children from ages 2 to 8.


I am using this book now with my middle child and with my toddler.  I learned about Kitchen Table Math through through the Art of Problem Solving organization.  If you have a daughter from ages 2-8, this book shows you how to do activities that will help your child develop strong number sense.


From the website:
“This book is for children just beginning their mathematical journey. It covers counting up to 100, using fingers or other manipulatives to do single-digit addition and subtraction, single-digit multiplication and division, and beginning work with fractions. Heavy emphasis is placed on learning this arithmetic in an interesting structured way, rather than use brute force memorization. It also has beginning treatments of equations, geometry, reasoning, measurements, time, probability, graphing, and money.”

There are also two other Kitchen Table Math books for elementary school aged children, Kitchen Table Math Book 2 and Kitchen Table Math Book 3.


Kitchen Table Math Book 2 covers basic elementary school arithmetic along with a little about the history of numbers.

Kitchen Table Math Book 3 covers non-arithmetic areas of math, focusing on word problems, measurement, geometry, counting money, etc.

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