Little Reader Software

Little Reader is a piece of software that I also highly recommend if you want to teach your daughter to read at home.   This software worked with one of my children and I am using it right now with my youngest.

Essentially, the Little Reader software simplifies and automates the Glenn Doman method so that there are no flashcards to make.  You sit down with your child and run through pre-made digital flashcards for 15 minutes a day.  Your job is just to press “next” after each card.  While you are working, the system keeps track of your progress.  The software comes with a free trial with enough content to get started.   As I mentioned, I am using this right now with my toddler and I highly recommend this software.

Note: The images are currently gender balanced, but not so ethnically balanced.  It looks like this was done on purpose to appeal to what it seemed that a US/UK/Australian audience would probably want.  If you buy the software, you can relatively easily customize the images to fit your own family if that interests you.   The software was created by a Malaysian dad who was living in Hong Kong and looking to help his daughter get a head start on reading.

Here is a video of parents (who are also teachers) discussing early reading.


Here is a Little Reader student.  While this is not my child, I have personally seen tremendous success with this program in my own family.  The system definitely works if you are consistent with it and show enthusiasm.  This is not a Your Baby Can Read DVD.  Children do not do this program alone.  You must be right there the whole time.  Your presence helps children feel like they are doing something important.

Some parents start this program with children young as 6 months, others wait until their children are toddlers.  Also note that if you wait too long to start, kids may start to think the program is boring.  What is fun for a 1 or 2-year-old may not seem so fun for a 4-year-old.


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