Getting started with Math Competitions – MATHCOUNTS


My eldest is ultra-competitive.  One method of education that really went far was entering math competitions.  There are a lot of competitions out there but one of most significant ones for the 6-8th grade range is called MATHCOUNTS.


From my experience, I have seen more boys participate than girls but girls are usually still well-represented.

As a parent, if your daughter’s school does not have a MATHCOUNTS team, you ask your school for permission and do one of the following:

  1. You can volunteer to start a school team (with school permission)
  2. You can enroll your child as an individual (with school permission)

If your daughter is homeschooled, you can register as a homeschool team or as a homeschooled individual, depending on how many people you want to compete.

All students must be in either 6th, 7th or 8th grade.


Try to get all new registration information in by November, to make sure your daughter has time to prepare for the competition.  All students prepare before competing.  The Art of Problem Solving offers a wonderful free online MATHCOUNTS trainer and books are available online.



Last year’s national winners got to visit the White House.


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