Mixed Reality and Magic Leap

Magic Leap is a Florida based company that seems to be doing big things.  It is one of the pioneers of mixed reality.  Mixed reality is anything that uses your senses to put digitally created things into your real life.

One extreme of this is virtual reality, where your eyes only see the imaginary world and maybe a version of your hands.  Another extreme of this is augmented reality, where, for example, everything looks normal except for a functioning computer screen that appears to be on your empty desk.

According to founder and CEO, Rony Abovitz, at a recent talk, “it’s a pair of glasses that project computer-generated images onto your field of vision. They look so real, your brain can’t tell the difference.”

What I like about Magic Leap is that it does not trick your eyes the way many virtual reality/augmented reality headsets do.  The system actually mimics the way you perceive things in real life and shines light into your eyes at very precise angles.  This way your eyes actually detect the digital objects the same way you detect real objects. This is much less taxing on the brain and makes it safer for children (and adults) to use.


Here is a brief news clip on Magic Leap.  Here is a video demonstration.

TED Talk by Magic Leap founder Rony Abovitz (decode the message):   Here’s one person’s take on it.

Check out Magic Leap’s patents here.

This one is very interesting, imagine using the Magic Leap system as a personal health diagnostic tool.  This can be used by local clinic staffed by a technician or in your own home.  Here is the link: http://www.freshpatents.com/-dt20160922ptan20160270656.php

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