Teach your daughter Augmented Reality using Instructables

My kids are into Augmented Reality.  As a busy parent, I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to get started. So we looked at Instructables, which are basically a collection of tutorials on how to do things.logo-instructables-01

We started with two Instructables: Paper Mario and then Pizza Salad.  We have an Android phone, so these are Android instructions.


Augmented Reality Paper Mario was just to get my kids and their friends interested in Augmented Reality.   Everything is pre-made.  You just put the parts together to make it work.  Keep in mind that there have been business changes with Junaio so at some point in the near future, this instructable may no longer work.


Augmented Reality Pizza Salad helped us learn how to create an Augmented Reality app almost from scratch.  Anytime my kids want to create a new Augmented Reality app, we go back to the Pizza Salad instructions to remember how to do it.  After you get Pizza Salad to work (always get it to work as-is before you make any changes), you can always find your own pictures and swap out the images to make your own for version 2.

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