Teach your daughter to code – Code.org


One website that makes me happy is Code.org.  The website is very well done.  You can use this website to teach your daughter to code, even if you have no computer science background.

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It provides two main ways to do that:

  • Hour of Code – this is where you decide to spend an hour with your daughter, guiding her through any of the lessons of her choice.  There are cartoon themes to get kids interested, from Frozen to Minecraft to StarWars.  Much of this work will involve guiding a cartoon character through a variety of mazes using code.  My middle child really enjoyed this activity.png;base6458a0be92b71bfce1
  • 20 Hour Lesson – this is where you decide to spend 20 hours over a period of time to go through a more complete series of lessons that work through computer science fundamentals.  I am about 10 hours into this with my middle child.  The learning curve starts to get steeper toward the middle, so more parental involvement may be necessary at that point.code.org-course-imageDs-flower



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